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Funnies in my life (today)

So, Will is having trouble getting my computer to hook up to wireless internet in the classroom. (Did you realize that everyone brings laptops to class??) You hear this click click clicking the whole time. I assume they are taking notes and not checking facebook.

Anyway, after some frustration, he says to me, “What kind of chip do you have in here?”


Like doritos? or Frito Lay?

I mean really. Does he think I’m a teenager or something? I’m pretty sure he’s going through withdrawl from being away from our kids. Is he going to need therapy when he’s stuck with non-techie little me 24-7 during our empty nest years?

I’m trying to not be too hard on him for the mental slip of assuming I was my 12 year old son. But I can’t help bursting out into laughter.

Speaking of needing therapy, my mother asks, “So, have you been counseling everyone and everything in your path? the waiter at the restaurant? the taxi driver? I assume no one is safe..”

I can not believe how clairvoyant my mother is, “How’d ya know!??” I retort. There aren’t enough dysfunctional people at the Bible college, you know. I have to get out and find people. It’s not quite the same as being at a family reunion, or even just being in my own head, for that matter!

Oh well, all of this good stuff won’t be wasted just because I can’t overwhelm someone today. I have a lifetime of overwhelming people ahead of me. I suspect there will be a lineup of clients at my doorstep when I get home. LOL.

Oh, don’t you wish you could just be in the line? Well, not really. Since I will be too busy taking a nap and hugging my kids.

I do miss them, but I am thankful to be in Chicago. It’s kind of exciting, even though I look like I just got off the farm with my mouth gaping open at every new sight and sound of city life.

Everyone that I talked to was so friendly. I met a gentleman who is a lawyer for a family in the Chicago area. He looked to be almost 80, and yet he is still employed. But can you imagine having so much “stuff” going on in your life that you need your own family lawyer? I didn’t dare ask which family, since that would have made me look like a real hillbilly. Then again, I should have, eh? It made me intensely thankful for a life FULL of Christ and EMPTY of almost everything that would require a lawyer. I say almost, because I don’t know the future.

I met a man (at the college) who has an entire ministry based on ministering to an alternative lifestyle people group. Wow! He seems to be doing a great job at it.

The types of ministries here are so diverse and interesting. I feel like I’m a kid in a candy shop–just taking it all in. I’m not even sure what God has in mind to do with this training, but it’s fun to imagine. Once again, thanks for your prayers.

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