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Funniest thing someone has said to me lately

So, I found these cute little girl cut-outs at Michaels in the Clearance bin. Ooooh.. I remember spending hours making my own paper doll clothes when I was younger. I think I probably invented every possible outfit for a paper doll when I was about 10. So, I brought 3 of them home. Joanna and I can make endless outfits and Emily will love them!! So, we got out the box of scrapbook paper and started fashioning things.. just like we were New York City designers.

Robotdude comes into the room and looks at our “work”.

He says:

Let me guess… Joanna made the outfit that looks like it should be from

Pride and Prejudice…

And Mommy made the one that looks like:

Amelia Bedelia!

Is this a self portrait?

If you haven’t linked up your blitz, there’s still time over the weekend! See you Monday!


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