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Funniest things of the week

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t write these things down, I’ll forget them!!  So, the funniest thing of the week was said by my four year old, Emily.

Emily: Mommy, I’d really like to go down to the Brown’s and play with Amos.

Me: Well honey, Mommy is busy this afternoon.  If Mrs. Brown invites you, you’ll have to go by yourself.  Are you comfortable with that?  Jamie will drive you there and pick you up, but you’ll be there all by yourself, without mommy or the other kids.

Emily: Well, can I come home when I’m done?

Me: Of course!  (No, you are volunteering to live there for the rest of your life!) 

Emily: O.K. I’ll go then.  

(And she did!)  

After giving birth to four introverts, the fifth is definitely our EXTROVERT!! 

Here’s another funny thing I found on the internet. It’s a hilarious commentary of TWITTER.  (There is one swear word in it that I did not pick up until I listened to it 3 times)  It made me ROFL..  I’m still chuckling about it today.  

Favorite lines: I just TWOTED all about it.

Friends don’t just randomly shout things into the darkness! 

And I know you are all dying to say something about my last post about forwarded emails.  You can say it here!!  


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