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Getting Organized with Fitness Part 1

We either love it or we hate it… Fitness!

I know that almost everyone would agree that one of the benefits of being more organized is having the time to do the things we know we SHOULD do, not just the things we LIKE to do.

Getting in shape, loosing weight, gaining strength, lowering blood pressure, lowering your chances of diabetes are just some of the great reasons to get in shape.

So here’s some motivating organizing tips for making fitness real.

1. Have your shoes, workout outfit and gear READILY ACCESSIBLE–easy to find. I have a special drawer marked “workout clothes”.

2. Have a plan as to when you are going to exercise. This is one of the best benefits to group exercise classes: the time is already planned for you. If you can’t or don’t want to attend a class, write your workout time on your schedule.

3. Avoid canceling your workout for every little thing that comes up. This is something you need to work out in your own mind. Things I will cancel my workout for: (trips to the ER.. etc.). Everything else gets pushed aside until the workout is over.

4. Carry a water bottle and use it! Before, during and after the workout, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

5. Reward yourself for 5/7 days of working out. Set up little rewards (preferably not an icecream triple decker…etc. ) for meeting little goals, and big rewards for meeting big goals.

6. Soon you’ll be reaping the benefits of fitness!

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