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Getting Organized with Fitness part 2: Group Fitness

Even though I don’t know these ladies, I can tell they are having a fun time as well as getting in shape.  Whether it’s cardio, strength training, stretching, pilates, yoga, spinning, aqua classes, or silver sneakers, all have the same principle: group fitness.  

Exercising in a group has tremendous advantages.

1.   First of all, you don’t need to worry that you aren’t going to get a good enough workout in the time alloted for exercise. The instructor has already planned a great workout for you.  

 2. You can put your mind on “hold” and just follow directions and pay attention to what your body is doing.  This, in itself, can be wonderfully therapeutic.  

3. Even though your mind is on “hold” from making decisions for an hour, it is still actively engaged and focused on the activities the instructor is giving.  Engaging your mind in this way has a restful, peaceful effect.

4. The time is set, so you’ll be less likely to skip the workout–especially if you like it.

5. Group fitness is a nice way to make friends.  Chances are, if you find a class that is at your level, you’ll find others who are in the same place as you are in your “fitness journey”.

6.  There’s so much variety in group fitness these days, you’ll hardly ever get bored.  It’s not the basic treadmill (again).

7.  It’s easy to find teachers who will push you to the next level–probably harder than you can push yourself.

8.  It’s cheaper than getting a personal trainer (although that is a great option also).

9.  Most YMCA’s have group classes.

10.  Most towns have YMCA’s, and you can try a new one whenever you travel!  (We always take in a few workouts when we travel away from home)  



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