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Getting Organized with Fitness part 3: home fitness

Stay at home fitness is a HUGE preference for a lot of people.  Even though I have a hard time doing it, it works for a lot of people.  There’s tons of things you can do.

1. Walking/running outside (free!)

2. tape/DVD fitness instruction

3. bike

4. treadmill

5. all other at-home gym equipment (total gym, stair stepper, nordic machine)

6. stability ball

7. weights/bands

8. ??  you can come up with something

The biggest obstacle to home fitness is just that it’s too available.  It can be done ANY time, so it gets pushed behind EVERY thing.  Commitment level needs to be high to achieve goals with this type of system.  Truthfully, this is probably the only obstacle.  There are so many good, used  home-gym equipment pieces at garage sales!  We found my husband’s Total Gym for $5.00.  Yes, $5.00!!  He uses it every day.  I’ve picked up stair steppers for $15.00.  So, garage sale season is just around the corner.  

Here are some advantages to exercising at home.

1. It’s on your schedule!

2. It’s something you don’t need childcare for!

3. It’s cheaper than a gym membership.

4. It’s not embarrassing.

5. It’s fun.  (well, I think so)

Here are my favorite exercise at home tools: STABILITY BALL

 hand weights, resistance bands, mat. (pilates DVD) that’s it.  I’m not into big gym equipment at home.  I don’t even use them when I’m at the gym.  

If I want a cardio workout, I walk outside.  If you choose to walk for cardio, remember that you need to get your heartrate up in order to burn calories.  If you don’t walk fast enough, you’re just looking at scenery rather than exercising.  

Hope this helps.  


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