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Getting ready for the big blitz…

This thing I call the “blitz” has really changed my life and the way I look at housework and getting organized.

It’s too good not to share.

The essence of the blitz is about focusing and staying focused. We can accomplish a lot, not just in our house, but almost anywhere with an increased amount of focus.

As you can tell (I don’t think I’ve tried to keep it a secret) I have a lot of balls rolling all at once. I like a lot of different things, so forcing myself to FOCUS is just as hard for me as it is for anyone. I call myself a curious-George A.D.D. scatterbrain at times, but I still get a lot done. Why is that? Well, the Lord is good, and he helps me! But there’s more.

In order to stay focused, you have to say NO to all of the distractions that bombard you constantly. So, I have developed a practice called the blitz. My original post is here: one hour blitz. You can find the proper procedure there, if you need direction.

Before attempting a blitz, it is good to make a list of chores that are alike.

For example:

Housework chores: (involve physical activity and energy)

clean fridge

dust& vacuum living room

put away laundry

clean floor

Computer chores: (sit down time with computer)

check email

pay bill online

update blog

look for recipe on banana bread

Homeschooling chores: (sit down time–no computer)

correct papers

lesson plan

It’s very hard to STAY focused when you jump from housework to computer and back to housework. There’s inertia there, so we want to use our high energy times for the things that require a lot of physical strength.

Speaking of physical strength, a one hour blitz is a LONG period of time if you aren’t in shape. You could probably work up to an hour. Here is an example of what I do in one hour of blitzing: I set my timer for an hour (You’d be amazed how many times I look at it in the course of an hour–am I done yet? can I quit yet?… the answer is NO!! until it beeps) and it looks like this:

So, this is what I did in one hour of focused blitzing:

1. Took out trash/ brought can to street/ replaced bag

2. Cleaned up living room–put away various things until the place looked great

3. Put in one load in washer

4. made dinner

5. vacuumed living room

6. lit candle to celebrate

7. hand washed for last 16 minutes!

So, next week sometime, try it and tell me if it works for you! I’ll be giving little hints a long the way. My weekly carnival starts this week. Link up and report on your blitzing. You can take pictures if you want, or you can just use it as a butt kicker for yourself and make a simple list and link up.

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