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Goals not resolutions

When you think about a new year, do you think about resolutions or goals?

I like the idea of a resolution. I feel like a noble knight, “I resolve to do better, my liege.” I can see myself, bowing down on one knee and making a grand swoop toward the floor. In a way, that is about the way my resolutions typically go. I make a grand swoop towards greatness, as if the emotional appeal of a grandiose production will somehow fuel my efforts down the road. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I feel the burden of the weight of such grandiose endeavors and with it, a sense of impossibility, which lends itself way too easily of giving up midstream. So, I, hereby, am resolving to make no further resolutions.

So, now that we have that organized, what sort of goals should we make?

When I was in my education methods course, we were given very specific guidelines for writing objectives.

1. The first part of the objective had to identify who the goal was for (the seventh grade students)

or in this case, “I” or “My family” .

2. The second part of the objective had to have a verb phrase such as (will memorize)

or “will work out”

3. The third part of the objective has details about the verb (the list of spelling words)

or “at the gym”.

4. And the final section of the objective states to what extent (with 70% accuracy)

or “three days a week”.

So, a well-defined objective would include these aspects.

The seventh grade students will memorize the list of spelling words with 70% accuracy.


I will work out at the gym three days a week.

Goals are different from objectives. If the goal is “to get in shape”, then an objective might be “I will work out at the gym doing cardio exercises four days a week”.

Some of you may not be ready to write objectives, and that is fine. I think I had an entire semester class on writing objectives. I thought I would throw that out there, just in case some of you found it helpful. I am not going to have objectives for everything either, OK?

So, here are some of my goals/ objectives.

Time Management:

Goal: to spend quality time with the Lord and my family

Objective: I will not get on the computer until I have spent time with the Lord, reading his Word and attending to the needs of my family (90% of the time). [emergencies come up]

Home Organization:

Goal: to get give my family better nutrition on a regular basis

Objective: I will plan a menu (every other week) that incorporates healthy food options and regular meals. [since I do not love menu planning, I figure that every other week is a good place to start]


Goal: to have an uncluttered home that lends itself to finding things

Objective: I will consistently declutter different parts of the house on a monthly basis, completing the majority of it before spring.

Enrichment/ Learning:

Goal: to be a constant learner of new things

Objective: I will read a book (other than my Bible) once every other month.

So, with that in mind, would you like to link up your goals? You can grab the photo above and link back to this page on your page. I’d love to hear what you are planning for the new year.



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