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God’s provision

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

If I can make an analogy of the size of our hands in correlation to the size of our needs, it would have to be, at times, rather biggish. And the only reason, the needs are big-ish is because I have had enough faith to allow them to be that way. To George Mueller, his needs were huge because he trusted God to be a big provider.

In the same way, a mom, a wife who chooses to go without a paying career because she wants to homeschool, a homemaker who wants to feed the entire world that steps through her home, or really anyone who ministers to anyone in anyway does so in faith. The amount of risk and responsibility a person takes on, increases the amount of provision they need. In a sense, it makes their needs larger. Their need for God’s provision is greatly increased. Whether it is for food, for energy, for wisdom, for a better way to order life, or just plain encouragement, the need is big. The servants of God who have a serving lifestyle have a big list of things they need from God.

In contrast, small-need people are people who can’t allow themselves any amount risk so there will be no real need for God’s provision. Every need that is known has to have a known provision, well ahead of time.

They would probably call it careful planning. I’ll call them small-handed people. They still have hands, no doubt. But God can only place in their hands a small amount because there really is no room in their hands for anything more.

I am working on increasing the size of my hands, so to speak. As much as I would like to deny it, I spent the first many years of my Christian life being small handed.

And the process of increasing the size of my hands has been a hard path to be on. I am not a risk taker. I don’t like the unknown.

But look at my hands now. That tomato up there? Those are my hands holding it. Something small, compared to what God is going to do. How do I know that? Because I am going to allow him to take me to the next baby step of trusting him.

Here’s the story behind the big tomato. This summer was not a great tomato year for us. I planted 35 tomato plants with the hopes of putting up 52 quarts of salsa–one for every week of the year. (Great planning, eh?) Except that the tomatoes did not work out. I ended up canning about 9 quarts, which is better than nothing, but not what I had hoped for.

And I started to panic and asked around to see if anyone had any tomatoes left over. I realized that I was probably going to have to buy some, but I wasn’t sure where. I certainly didn’t want to have to resort to the grocery store–ugh. So, I figured the 320 store would be the best bet. (It’s a local produce store that sells locally grown produce) Before I got to the store, I passed a garage sale. At the sale, I found tomatoes THIS size (above) for $.25 a piece. Really! What is that? An entire tomato would probably be a quart of salsa? Amazing.

So, yes, it is unconventional, but that is exactly how I know it is from the Lord.

And it fits EXACTLY into my hands. Now, how fun is that?

Now, I wonder what the Lord is going to do next.. Isn’t it exciting living the Christian life?

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