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Graduation partying..

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Knock knock knock..

Is this thing on?

Is anybody still reading this?

O.K. good. I just thought you would all want to see what the graduation party extravaganza looked like. After all, it’s not like I haven’t been sweating this grand event for like… a month.. or a year.. or about 18 years, to be exact.

So, here’s our graduate (Jamie) flanked by his two next siblings. Joanna on right, Hudson on the left. And yes, they are wearing custom graduation T-Shirts. It all started when Jamie decided that this event was getting way out of control. He decided if we were going to go ALL out that we should probably have T-shirts also.

The T-shrits say “2010 Webber Graduation” with all the possible adjectives to describe a party

“party, fieta, festivity, over-the-top, soirree, bash, etc..” and the last one is “Extravaganza”.

Extravaganza pretty much sums it up. It’s going to take all week to put up photos of everything, but we’ll start with the most important thing–the guests. What’s a party without guests? Even though I felt like 100 people were missing from the event, we still had 124 people there altogether (including family). I was prepared for 225-250. Obviously I can not put pictures up of 124 people, but I’ll just randomly select a few to show.

The little gal on the right (next to Nathanael) is Hope. Hope is the oldest of 6 children and dear friends of ours who came all the way from Chicago for the day. What a great surprise and blessing it was to see them out in full force with all of their little ones! All the big girls thought that Hope looked like Caddie Woodlawn or Laura Ingalls. What do you think?

Left to right: Grandpa Jon Webber, Jamie, Joanna, Will and Hudson

Thanks for coming everyone!!

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