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Happy 4th of July! 2007 and 2008

I am writing from Gwinn, Michigan. The home of my parents and my official “home town”. Gwinn is celebrating its 100 year birthday this year, and everyone and their Uncle Bob is back in town. It’s kind of fun but weird being back in the small home town again. I’m always got my eagle eyes peeled, trying to see if I recognize anyone.

Tonight, Mom and I took most of the kids up to Marquette to watch the impressive fireworks display on the Lower Harbor. I dragged my mother around with me, looking for familiar faces before the fireworks started. She was not too impressed and said that everything smelled like armpits and beer–such is the Yooper 4th of July. So, we finally settled down on the ground with the kids to watch the show. Everything was going smoothly and big fireworks were going off in orderly succession until there was sort of firely explosion on the ore docks. It looked like a fire and then about 100 fireworks were going off at the same time. Either it was a bizarre finale, or the pyrotechnics dude had to use the john. Either way, we enjoyed ourselves, and no firetrucks showed up.

Last year’s fireworks display was fine, but I made the mistake of bringing a high strung 2 year old with me, whose only way of dealing with stress is to strangle the nearest adult with a grasping, choking motion. If you didn’t die from the choke hold, you will atleast go deaf from the screaming and crying. It’s a really relaxing time.

Tomorrow is our last day in Yooper-ville. We’ll be attending the impressive “Gwinn Fun Days” and parade. I’m actually really disappointed in my grandpa. Well, you see there’s this really cool float for all the people in Gwinn who are 90 years old or older, and of course HE was asked to be on it. I suppose the reason he refused the offer is because he wanted to “run” beside it rather than ride. Today when we picked up grandma and gramps, Grandpa missed his footing getting into the big “beluga” 15 passenger white van, and he slipped and fell right to the ground. We all held our breath, trying to decide if we should go to the ER. He got up, and got in the van. All evening we kept asking him if he was O.K. He was soo O.K. that he was carrying and moving chairs around the campfire. Go figure.


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