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Happy ho-ho to me… what I’m not doing this year for the holidays.

I seem to be getting a lot of notoriety these days from some FAMOUS organizing bloggers:  Laura, organizing junkie and Megan, Disorder2order.

What is all of the excitement about anyway? 

Well, as usual, mommies across the nation are feeling: overwhelmed, inadequate and just plain disorganized.  So it wasn’t a surprise to me when that power-house of a woman, Laura, broke down and shared with her readers that she was feeling that way too.  

In the time it too me to exhale, I wrote a comment in her section.  She made an entire post of it.  GAH.  So, I thought I should atleast give it to my regular readers too.

It was less than a rough draft.  It was one of one gutteral reaction type of comments..


All that I am giving myself permission NOT to do this year: 

I am not sending out cards.  I send a response letter to everyone who sends something to us.

I am not making cookies and all that.  (My Mom does some baking with the kids when she’s here, so I still get a few nibbles)

I’m not giving my kids’ teachers gifts.  (Even though we homeschool, I have 17 other people involved with our children, teaching them something)  

I’m not giving my own children gifts.  They are getting cash.

I’m not giving my dear husband anything, and he doesn’t get me anything either.  

All of my holiday decor could fit into a cardboard box.  

As much as I enjoy crafting, I don’t like doing it under the gun.  So no homemade crafts.  I am making a mix this year.  If you are an adult in my family, you are getting a new mix.  Looking for a mix idea, try sand-art brownies.

Boring? probably.  I’m not sweating it though.  My biggest decision for the season involves whether or not I should buy my nieces and nephews each a Target gift card or give a goat in their honor.   A goat means less clutter, but I’m not sure the little ones would like a goat.  If I could just find a little beanie baby goat to give the little ones so they could “see” the goat they gave…??  

Ho hum.  Happy simplifying.  For some odd reason, I feel no guilt whatsoever.  

Show the people you love that you love them all year round and you won’t feel the need to indulge them on this little holiday, which, by the way, is so commercialized and nuts that I’m not sure Jesus would recognize it as having anything to do with him at all.  


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