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Happy PLAIDs

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I think my LOVE language is plaid.   When my mind is all gar-funkeled up, I think about plaids.  Well, I think about the Lord.  But the consistency and repetitive nature and comforting colors makes something calm down in my spirit.  

 And I’m just mesmerized by the pattern and colors.  I like plaids with reds, blues, and greens, yellow and white.

Now this one is cool because the blue is a turquoise hue.

This one is very classy.  I just want to make something with this loveliness.  

 Very simply lovely.  A hat, a coat, a skirt, anything except pants.  Plaid pants–not so much.

Except pajamas.  Now plaid pajamas are awesome.

As I write about happy plaids, I am watching the two presidential candidates battle it out on the T.V. Which has nothing to do with plaids.  They are as dissonant and these are harmonious.  I can’t tell you for whom to vote, anymore than I can convince you which plaid should be your favorite.

But I am going to vote.  And I know you are too!

And just for kicks, what is your favorite plaid? or do you even like plaid?

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