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Well, Michelle was a walking supply cabinet.  Someone would sneeze, and out would pop a kleenex.  A kid would cry and a magical toy would appear.  And as you can imagine,  she had to always have one of these! (Tide to Go) sticks.  Wow!  Now, that is cool.  It’s taken a while for this organizing mommy to actually get out there and buy one.  But now!  now… I have one.  

You should have seen me… I was sitting there in chapel Sunday morning.  All of us were sitting in a big row, single file.  Hymnals open, head covering on.. and… horror! a stain on my skirt! Normally, I would have just shifted the hymnal over my stain, but that day, I quickly grabbed my TIDE TO GO and used in on my skirt.  Even before the second verse, the stain was quickly disappearing!  VIOLA. gone.  Was I a happy organizing mommy, or what?!!  

And this has nothing to do with the price of tea in China, but here’s a cool bike for a handicapped person.  If I win it, it goes to Jonathan’s family! 

Here’s a fun looking bike for all of those with special needs. 


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