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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Hey, this looks like a great website: Myfridgefood.

If you are a hedgehog, like me, and it’s a few days before payday, and you didn’t really know what to make for dinner anyway,  this is a great tool.  You just click on the food you have on hand, and BAM a bunch of recipes come up.

O.K. now THAT is technology and genius and hedgehog love all rolled into one.

And I’ll get through this week, yet.  Not only will it be payday in 3 days, but my dear husband will be home, and Joanna will be a tad closer to coming home, and I can stop being in charge of the world, which I am not doing very well.

But I am finding a few things to laugh about.

Yesterday Emily was making a card for a friend who is having a baby shower, and she said,  “Mom!  There are some really nice sayings on these coffee mugs.  I think I’ll copy them down and put them on my card!”

It’s a regular Hallmark factory here.

Yesterday, she had a complete meltdown because she couldn’t find the card she made for Grandma’s birthday.

Now let me think about this– out of the 8  million cards you made this past week, how could ONE possibly be missing??

Hence, the need for a “craft room”.  I no sooner shipped the clutter bug off to Europe and her sister decides to adopt a creative gene while she’s gone.  Not that I am sad about it.  Creativity wins the hearts of a lot of people.

Lately, the only thing I’ve been creative about is food.  or lack of food. I cook every so often, and then it goes.  The kids complain until I cook again.  But not Emily.  She makes her own food.

“I just discovered that cheese is a MEAT”

“You mean that cheese is a PROTEIN?”

“No.  Cheese is a meat.  It’s an orange meat.  Like bacon.”

So, don’t look now, but we are happily sitting around here making cards and eating orange meat.  ‘just sayin.

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