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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Yes, I’m home! I’ve already taken a shower and started the laundry, but I still have more pictures to put up.

These are the Webber grandparents together. Grandma Marilyn, aka “Muz” “chef extraordinaire” and “sun goddess” with aforementioned boating expert. Note the Connecticut hat with the Minnesota shirt. He’s feeling directionally schizophrenic. He grew up in MN, lived and raised their family in CT and then summer back in MN.

O.K. well… maybe just a little. Oh, if my kids just had a life! If they would just learn to enjoy life a little bit! And I did the really stupid thing of letting them pull me on the tube. I think I had 5 solid minutes of screaming.

The next day, Kathy and I went out garage sale-ing. Here I am showing off my “loot”.

I dumped everything on the picnic table. But before I go on, I must tell you that my Joanna designed and made the skirt I was wearing. The top is “new” as of this summer, and the hair is hedgehog on humidity.

So, we have fiestaware plates, in a beautiful turquoise 2/ $3.00, table cloth $.50, cute little teapot $1.00, picture frame $.50.

Take a look at this teapot. There will be a story coming up on this teapot very soon-probably a video!!

And, after completely overwhelmed by her best friend, she still loves her hedgehog friend, even though she was not in the mood for a picture.

#familynews #greatfinds

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