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Homeschool Year Complete! Tackle it Tuesday(s)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Is homeschooling “housework”??  Well, a lot of it is done at home, and it is work, so I think it qualifies for a Tackle it Tuesday.  Every Tuesday for the entire school year, we’ve been participating in a highly academic based Christian co-op.  

I teach a class called “Write your Own Book” for 4th-6th graders.  It was so much fun teaching the class.  I had a chance to draw out quite a bit of pent-up creativity.  Here’s my class (minus one student who was absent the day I took the photo).

The two blonde boys are mine (futurelawyer: Than the Man on my left, and Hud Hornet on right).  The rest are other people’s kids!  I’m so privileged to teach other precious homeschooled children!  

I’ll miss you guys over the summer!

Keep writing and reading books, gang!

As far as my children go,

Robotdude (age 16) completed 10th grade (trigonometry/pre-calc, biology, speech, government, ultimate frisbee, and violin) Also: Robotics team captain!

Jo-with-it (age 13) completed 8th grade (Algebra 1/2, geography, art, babysitting and CPR, language arts, and viola) Also: Jo is getting an academic award in geography & half year of swim team

Hudson Hornet (age 12) completed 6th grade ( math, language arts 2 classes, reading, cello and swim team) 

Nathanael (age 10) completed 4th grade (a lot of reading, math, geography, and writing class and started cello) 

Emily (age 3) did a preschooler class at one of our co-ops and enjoyed the “Tiny Tot Choir”

Mommy: is thoroughly exhausted and has decided to “scale down” for next year–right! Give two weeks of no activities and I’ll be planning some more! Incidentally, is there a support group for people like me???

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