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Hospitality 101: A new series!

Not a great idea, especially since I see humor in just about everything everyone does. It could easily turn my guests into paranoid wrecks. So, if you are sitting here reading this, wondering if you will be featured, the answer is “no” and “probably not” unless of course you would like to be. And then, you’ll have to make arrangements to come back, so I can remember who you are and all…and especially the funny things you did.

Seriously, why would we even want to engage in hospitality anyway? Isn’t it kind of passe? Everyone has homes to eat in and there are plenty of hotels for people to stay in, so why bother? Besides, it all takes so much TIME and MONEY and HASSLE.

Thankfully for us, modern conveniences haven’t changed the basic commands of the Bible. That is why we “do” hospitality. This is also why we stay in other people’s homes also. It is a biblical idea–not just for the host family but for the recipients as well. As we explore this topic together in a new series, I hope to talk about a few things.

: hospitality as a command, not as a gift

: organizing your home and life around a hospitable lifestyle

: engaging the family in the hospitality process

: being a good host

: being a good guest

: using your resources better

: enjoying the process


Hope to see you once a week for updates on this topic.

Thank you to all of the newcomers from 5 minutes for mom UBP. It’s been so exciting to meet so many new friends.


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