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Hospitality 101: new thoughts for the new year

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I have been reminded recently about hospitality, since a close friend of mine has expressed some interest in increasing their ministry to include more hospitality. I’m always encouraged when someone “gets the hospitality vision”, and it makes a bunch of thoughts on this topic come into focus.

Rarely, if ever, is hospitality what it should be–even in Christian circles. I know, because everything listed above I’ve tried to do or am currently struggling with, even to this day. So, it’s not like I have it all together, and that is why I feel the need to educate the world.

I wish I did have it all together, but then I’d be too busy being perfect and have no time to blog. So, this is where we are.

How do you know what their spiritual needs are? You get them over and start asking questions– questions about who they are, and what is bothering them. You try to find out what is going on in their lives and how Christ has been working with them and through them in various ways. You have a Bible open, and you pray while they are talking.

You listen. with your heart..

Can God use me to minister to this person? Do I cry with them? Do I exhort them? Do I do the dishes and let someone else minister to them? Do they need practical help or spiritual help?

You listen to God.

You seek to unloose the bondages that sin has on them. You seek to confess your own sins, as God is using them to talk to you. (this happens often to me) and..

You enjoy them.

No one wants to be a project. Laugh with them. Tell them stories and listen to theirs. Create a friendship. Enjoy their little ones. Just love them. People just want to be loved, you know?

So, what about food? Don’t you have to feed people? Yes, of course, you have to feed people. You feed them because it is time to eat–just like you would feed your own family. You feed them because they have hunger needs. You feed them what is healthy and going to make them strong. You don’t feed them junk–just like you wouldn’t give your own family junk.

Why do people make such a deal over the food, anyway? This is my rule of thumb–if I can not eat it, then why would I want my guests to eat it? I guess it helps that I am a food snob, so most people like the food.

Do I have food disasters? all the time. I just gather up the disaster and serve something else and make a joke about it. Pasta. It’s hard to kill pasta, and we have it a lot.

May your New Year be filled with guests.

And may your crockpot always be on and your guest bathroom full of toilet paper..


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