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How I deal with my food snob issues.

I’m telling you, healthy is in. And I have yet to fully cross the healthy bridge into organicdom and healthnut status. Even though I shop at the right stores, read the right blogs, and of course, laugh at the right jokes.

So, by shopping at the right stores, I mean the stores that sell healthy things, like Woodmans, which also happens to be fairly cheap. I went again today, but this time I brought my 13 year old bodyguard and had him get the organic carrots for juicing, while I sorted through the corn and Georgia peaches. I happened to glance over at the aisle to see if there were any new or old weirdos over there. Funny how I never noticed them before. There was just a guy with a less-than-obvious T-shirt that said, “SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMERS” on it. Sure enough, he was trolling. But he didn’t notice me, because I was “slumming it” in the non-organic aisle. whew.

So, I buy a lot of healthy stuff, but I have a long way to go. I read blogs by people who–for no better way to say it–live to be healthy. They think the main reason to live is to go and buy more healthy food. And then they write about it, and people like me.. read it. We take it in, and while we are trying to get it, we also stuff a few transfat-laden tortilla chips down the hatch and wash it down with a can of diet coke, of course. So, I’m not trying to make fun of these people because I’ve learned a ton. But my approach to being a food snob has more to do with what I laugh at. In other words, if you think these are funny, you just might be a food snob too. If you are offended or repulsed, remember it was that pesky elf that made me do it.

You either love it or hate it. My favorite line, “You’ve got a gift, Bill”

And this guy (below) takes the cake in clean and hilarious humor.

fav line: How do I get this goodness into me??

I would love to see him live except I’d be laughing so hard that I’d wet my pants. O.K. that is why we have you tube.

Happy weekend.


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