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How’s the ole boy doing, anyway?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

My Mom took a drive to Michigan Tech for parents’ weekend. She picked up Jamie (left) and his roommate, Cameron (right) and went to see the beautiful land of the Keweenaw Peninsula. This is Brockway Mountain Drive.

Here are the boys near the annual snowfall gauge. The red arrow represents last year’s snowfall.

Here are the boys at the Quincy Mine Hoist. My Grandfather, Burt, was a huge part of making this a reality.

Yes, my Mother is awesome for taking the boys all over and THEN taking them out for pizza at the Ambassador, a famous pizza place in their area.

It sounded like everyone had a blast. It’s so sweet of my Mom to take Jamie and his roommate (whose parents couldn’t make it) on all of these fun adventures.

So, I am so thankful that it appears, from all practical purposes, that Jamie is doing well. He loves it and is enjoying all of the military challenges and academic challenges as well. I’m encouraged that he is thinking about: where do I want to live next year? and: how many semesters will it take for me to graduate? etc. Thank you, Lord for the blessing of our ambitious son, who is serving you by doing his best away from home!

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