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How shall we organize?

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Essentially all organizing can be divided into two categories: organizing time and organizing space.  There are a lot of facets of each type of organizing, but let’s just start there.  


I start with time because this is actually, the hardest one for many people.  Time is intangible–always fleeting.  Since it is not concrete, people easily misgauge it.  (I feel a little challenged in this area also!)

 For now, organizing time involves

1. Knowing what needs to be done

2. Being able to accurately gauge how long it takes to do the task

3. accounting for transitions/ interruptions and travel time

4. and living a less stressful day because you aren’t always “late” for everything!


This is actually what either grips people or completely turns them off–organizing space!  Organizing space involves this:

1. Figuring out what the available space should be used for

2. sorting available items into keep or toss piles

3. deciding the best location for the items according to accessibility and usage

4. implementing a system that works for ease of retrieving and returning items. 

So, what’s your favorite? Organizing time? or organizing space?   

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