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I finished something!! Tackle it Tuesday.. and a procrastination challenge overcome!!

Perhaps some of you remember that I had a project purple going. Here is the post where I officially announced that I was trying to finish a purple project.  I also was hoping to finish this by the end of September!  Oh well, the sky didn’t fall when October came and went, and it wasn’t finished yet!!  So, here we are– Nov. 10, 2008– and it’s finished!!  

This project lasted over two years.  I think I knit and re-knit almost every piece.  After all of that, the cabled edges were the only thing left, besides putting it together and lining it.. with a zipper..

I had to hand-stitch the zipper in..

Some close-ups of the actual stitches..

Ta-Da!!!   It is a bulky weight wool for the body and sleeves.  The edges are a worsted weight in the same: Supreme Purple by Lamb’s Pride.  The body (front and back) are a basket-weave stitch.  The arms are a stockinette stitch with the same basket-weave on the cuffs.  Around the edges are a cable stitch (larger at bottom).  

When I sewed the zipper in, I made sure it wasn’t visible from the front.

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