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I totally ate that frog–today!

You’ve heard of that expression: eat that frog?? It was coined by someone who was trying to get us over our procrastination issues.

Well, I have been procrastinating–big time–on ordering school books. I was just plain AFRAID of what the total number might be.

So, today, I armed myself with a cup of coffee and list of phone numbers. I started calling the moms I knew who had kids older than mine to see if I could buy, borrow, rent, steal? any of their school books. And do you know what? I got a ton of books that way. Homeschool moms are so generous, aren’t they? I estimate that I saved myself about $500.00 this morning. There were only four things I have to “buy”, two are for Jamie’s college class.

1) He had to buy a graphing calculator. So, we bought that on ebay. ($99.00 total)

2) He has to buy a code for his math class (another $95.00) This is in place of getting a text book. Those people who sell books are getting smarter on us–we can’t buy them used that way!

3)the next two books I was not able to find from friends, but I was able to find them online through a service called: Gettextbooks.com. What a neat resource!! It lists everything by ISBN and divides out the retailers for you. For a half-brained mother, I did O.K. I think I spent around $50.00 for the two of them.

All the books I am getting from friends (renting or buying used) are: Apologia Physics, Econ/ government Abeka, Geometry, Life Science, Lord of the Rings Literature guide, Spanish II, already have Apologia biology and Saxon pre-algebra (for 2)!! So, all of that sweating and worrying was solved by a few phone calls and internet purchases.

Now, I can relax and do some more basement sewing to celebrate, don’t you think?

For those of you homeschooling, how do you find good deals on your books?


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