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I want to make my home S.T.I.N.K.

O.K. O.K… that’s not the most enticing title for a post. I’m in a mood, and I’m gonna go for it..

You know I like to organize, even though I do not mention it here very often these days. It’s all about being REAL, and well.. sometimes… life is disorganized for a while.

So, this weekend, I had a chance to take control of a few things. I was organizing... Really.

So, I was reading one of the many fabulous organizing blogs, organizing junkie, and she has a monthly contest AND she’s developed a cool acronym to get you thinking organized like..

She calls it PROCESS.. P for plan of attack.. R for Remove items, etc. It’s her post, her ideas. You should go there and learn it.

So, while I was sorting my drawers in the kitchen, which is the current assignment, I got to thinking. I’ve never come up with my own organizing acronym!! Am I a looser organizing mommy or what? No wonder I’m such a spazz. How will I ever reach fame-dom?

So, it got me thinking. Everybody else has these really slick, professional sounding acronyms.

You know, Julie Morgenstern’s: SPACE (sort, purge, assign, containerize, equalize) and then there’s the 5 S system: (Sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain) and now we have: PROCESS.

So, when, and I mean when am I going to make my mark on organizing history, already?

So, get ready. The curtain is unfurled… drum roll please……………..

The new organizing acronym is………… S.T.I.N.K.

I know, I know.. it’s a great sounding word…. something anyone can do. No one is getting intimidated now.

S: Sort out the junk, already. Stop holding on to that junk. Sort the trash from the treasure.

T: Toss out the trash. Why does everybody save the trash for so long? Collect the treasures in the rooms where they are used the most often.

I: Invent a system that works for you. Put things where it makes sense to you. Where do you it most often?

N: Name/label each item in the location that you’ve assigned. This is the ONLY chance that it will ever return to that place. You may want to even add a picture of what the space is supposed to look like. Aside from having a robot assigned to guard each room saying, “Put pencils here, idiot” this is the only thing I can think of to get things back to their locations.

K: Keep up the system by being an organizing nazi, making sure everyone returns items to the correct location. Evaluate the system occasionally to make sure it is still working.

Now you can enlist your boys, “Hey kids. We’re going to STINK up the house!” and really mean it.

Linking up to: makes my home sing meme by Moms the word.

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