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I was there: get moving America

America on the move week started today, and all of the YMCA of Rock River Valley employees were encouraged to come out and join with the Park District for a fitness challenge. Even though, you don’t see the organizing mommy in any of these videos, I really was there.

The goal is to have the employees of these two fitness/health related industries challenge each other in personal fitness goals. I was kind of excited about this, since I like challenges.

What I didn’t realize was that our supervisors were going to dress up and dance for us. Our long time fitness guru, Lynne, was leading a pack of “Village people” er.. YMCA employees in the singing and dancing of the YMCA theme song. Our maintenance director was a big Indian chief, our bouncer/ security guy was a sailor in a tight T-shirt. We also had a biker dude, a cowboy, and some other villagers. Lynne was a cop, complete with a holster and a plastic orange pistol.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to sing, dance, laugh or cry. It was all so hilarious. Of course, our maintenance guys had to learn to dance for the show. Lynne has a long-standing aerobics instructor career before she became administrative in her duties. So these poor guys had to scoop hop, scoop hop, doubles… along with hip gyrations…. Like I said, it was worth the price of admission.. which was free, of course.

At this point, I do not have a copy of the dance, or I’d post it. It was American Idol worthy, trust me. If you’ve ever been to a crazy wedding in the U.S., you know what song I’m talking about.

So, I logged one hour of exercise today. I’m not sure if that includes scoop hopping or not?? Either way, I hope your feet will find the insides of your tennis shoes and walk a little bit more this week. Let’s get moving, America!



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