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I wish this day had a theme..

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of these:

Do you know what they are? that’s right. They are garbanzo beans, or chick peas. They are so yummy! My new favorite food is called: hummus.. sounds like: love us. I modify this recipe here: hummus. (It’s the third recipe listed) Instead of using canned beans, I cook my own. Instead of using crushed red pepper, I use a jalapeno pepper (about half) I throw it all in the food processor. Yummy. Last night, I just served hummus and pita chips for dinner. YUM.

Here is something I finished recently:

that’s right: ONE sock. Now I just have to make another one. LOL! It will probably be July before I finish the other one. So, if you are at blogher and you see me cruising around wearing wool socks in July, you’ll know that I had to just show them off!!

Also, I’m posting over at 5 minutes for mom today about “bagging up my life”. It’s how I keep the many activities of my life going through containing them in “bags”. Happy tackling Tuesday. Can you guess what’s in this bagged compartment of my life?

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