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Introducing the THUMBLE

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

It’s time for a basic low-key post. After all of the ramblings about raising teenagers and the comments therein, I think I now officially know how to increase my traffic–talk about teenagers! Everyone has (good) opinions. They are worth reading. In the meantime, life is back to normal on the ranch.

My butt-kicker has been getting me to work on the quilt again. She’s such a tyrant. So, I thought I would try hand stitching. For the record, this is probably going to be my last quilt for a while. I got part of my hand cut by a pin, and the first needle I chose broke on me. And I couldn’t find a decent thimble, or any thimble for that matter. So, I started foraging around my craft room, and I found this: A THUMBLE!

Makes my home sing at Moms the Word for other forms of greatness.


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