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It’s 11: 48 p.m. Saturday night

It’s 11: 48 p.m. Saturday night, and I’m just now sitting down with my feet up. To my right is a lit candle, and to my left are the quilts along the hearth of the fireplace where several kids were sitting not even an hour ago. In front of me is the kitchen, all cleaned up, floor swept and mopped and dishwasher humming cheerily.

Tonight was our “celebration party” for the Youth Leadership Program training for a very fine group of young people. Tonight we had: our five, three from the S family, and five from the N family. We had 12 children ranging from 12 to 21, and one four year old. In that group, there was not one fight, not one unkind word, not one immodestly dressed flirtatious boy or girl, not one swear word, and not one hint of jealousy. There was no “pairing off” or talking of who likes whom. It was just kids enjoying kids in a wholesome way. There were snacks, games, stories, music and fun times.

But there was something else different about this party. There were three sets of moms and dads in attendance also. Even though the moms and dads just sat and visited, their presence was real and appreciated. (OK, I got in there and played the games.. but the other adults didn’t).

There’s a sense in which I wish I could stop time and have this time of my kids’ lives halt right here. None of my kids are into the boyfriend/ girlfriend stage yet. Things are still so… pure, so child-like. And yet, I know it won’t be that way forever. Kids grow up. Your friends’ kids grow up. Before we know it, it will be upon us. But for today… thank you Lord for today.

Thank you, Lord, for this day, this moment. Right here. Right now. Amen.

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