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It’s not in overdrive enough!!

Updated: Mar 16

Overdrive.. it’s just the speed I do things in.

I can’t help it. I move fast. really fast. If I’m not pulling G’s, I’m probably asleep.

So, this morning my dear husband made me some toast.

“Wow! How did you cut the bread so thinly? I’ve never been able to do it that way!”

He says, ” I just use this knife here,” and he holds up this bread knife with teeny tiny little blades.

“That knife? I hate that knife. It never works for me!” (not that any bread knife works for me)

He says, “Oh, you have to cut really slowly with this knife. You can’t go into overdrive with this one, so you probably wouldn’t like it.”

“Overdrive. That’s it. If it doesn’t work in overdrive, I have no idea how to use it..”

196 m.p.h. is the average speed that I like to go. I can’t imagine slowing down enough to cut bread slowly, just to make it thin. If you want bread around here, you either cut it yourself, or eat a thick slice. That’s just the way it goes. If my sweetheart is home, he is required to cut the bread. So, he is not tempted to complain about my skills. Isn’t that generous of me?

Speaking of generous, my mother saved me the anxiety of having to finish this project.

I tried. I seriously tried. I think I have to give up quilting for lent.

I called my mother on Saturday, “Mooooooooommmmmmmmm! (whiney voice) I caaaaaaan’t do this awwwwwwwwful quilt… If I promise to never make another quilt again, could you finish this for me?”

And she said, “Yes!” and then I was light as a butterfly and flitting around the house.

She explained that when she was working with teenagers, she couldn’t concentrate on anything. Do you think I qualify since I have (almost) four teenagers? So, she reassured me that I would get my concentration skills back when the kids were not teens anymore..

Or is it that one can not quilt in overdrive? Not sure. I need to stop quilting, so my mother can have a life again.

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