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Keeping the project-mind organized.

This week for Make your Home Sing Monday, I am going to tell you one of my all-time sanity keepers for an over-committed, highly creative, pack-too-many activities-into-my-day kind of mom.

Are you ready? This is profound.

O.K. here it is:

Clean up after yourself.

Is that it? You paid good money to hear that?

Well, O.K. it’s actually more than that, but that is the basic concept.

When you want to get something done that involves materials, craft supplies, fabric, stuff.. you need to have a cleanup plan.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the creative mode, I’m not thinking about anything related to cleaning or organizing. I just shut that side of my brain off.

So, I have a policy for crafting.

1. Clean up the work area at the END of the DAY.

Oh yeah? I don’t care IF you are going to get back to it first thing in the morning; you’ll like it a whole lot better if you can return to a clean spot. If you want to keep the sewing machine out, just rethread it, fill the bobbin, clean up the scraps, and lay out the stuff neatly. There’s nothing worse than starting a sewing project with a hunt for the scissors!

And if you can manage to finish a project, and there’s time to do MORE than one project in one day, then you need to:

2. Clean up the work area BETWEEN PROJECTS.

Start each project fresh! Put away the thread, interfacing, pattern, etc. from the first project. If you don’t, all of your pattern pieces will be mushed together, and the orange thread will be rolling around on the floor etc.

This weekend I literally PLOWED through several sewing projects at a blitzing pace, hoping to make a dent in some things. It was amazing! I’ll get some pictures up this week, but I am so excited!!

And tonight when Mom, Joanna and I were all sewing at the same time, in the same room, we all picked up after ourselves. You can imagine what chaos it would be if we didn’t!! (I’ll have to show you how four machines fit on ONE table! (3 sewing, 1 serger)

So, that’s what is working for me!


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