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Laundry part 1


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Laundry… we all have to do it.  The only times in my life that I have not done laundry is when my Mom (God bless her) and my maid (yes, I did have a maid for a few years) did the laundry for me.   Other than that, I’ve done my own laundry.  So, what is it that makes laundry such a chore? And  is laundry an organization of time or space.. or both?  

Laundry is something we can’t escape  for weeks like cleaning the fridge or dusting the piano.  

I’ve also noticed there are as many ways to conquer this task as their are people who do it.  So, I’ve been intrigued by watching my mother and my friend, Carrie do laundry.  They seem to really enjoy it.  So, it got me thinking.  There are people who love laundry and people who don’t.  

Which are you?

People who love laundry: this is a pretty sight for them.  It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

So, people who love laundry have these things in common:

1. They do at least one load of laundry a day.

2. They seem to ground or center themselves by starting their daily load.

3. They fold towels and such while watching TV–prolonging the process.

4. They aren’t intimidated by a big pile of folded laundry.  It’s sits there like a big prize.

5. They know how to use bleach, and delight in that idea.

6. They are possessive about their laundry and don’t let other people help.

7. They actually do their kid’s laundry well into their college years!

8.  They don’t need advice from people like me.  They are sitting there thinking they could write this better! (ha!)

As you can figure out, I’m not in the above group.  

People who don’t love laundry have these things in common:

1. They do laundry on a specific day.

2. They fold and put it away fast, not prolonging the process.

3. They wait until the pile is nice and big.

4. Kids start washing their own clothes when they can maneuver a step stool in front of the washer.  

5. Big piles of folded laundry make them nervous.

6. bleach?

You get the point.  So, now that you know I don’t love laundry, I will tell you that I have come up with some things that make laundry day (one day) almost enjoyable.  So, what are you? 


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