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Lists for the New Year…what I’m trying NOT to do for the New Year

No.  We were having a family debate.  Oh, don’t get nervous.  We’re a loud family.  We openly “discuss” everything in full color.  Whoever makes the most hilarious argument wins.  

This time it was Dad and I against Mom.  Now, I hardly ever want to gang up on poor Mom.  Mom is great, but she does not like making lists.  That’s right.  Lists.  All the arm waving and such was all over the fact that dear ‘ole Dad and I are HUGE fans of LISTs.  In fact, I think we’re quite (equally) obsessed about it.  So, I produced my big notebook that revealed a HUGE supply of lists.  I was twittering and preening my feathers just thinking about all that “got done” that month.  Pride issues aside, it really reinforced to me how important lists are.

So, everyday this week.. until I run out of things to say… we’re going to talk about lists.  How about playing along with me??  All you have to do is: do whatever list I’m doing.  You can link your list to your comment (if you put it on your blog), or you can add your list to your comment, or you can just play along at home!  

Come on! How hard can it be?  It’s all about getting organized for the New Year.  

While I get your taste buds salivating for making that really cool LIST, here’s a link for PRINTABLE LISTS. I printed out EACH one that applies to me, and I plan to laminate them. 

So, the daily list is this:

All that I would like to give up entirely or stop doing as soon as possible  for as long as possible (with God’s help)

1. Eating for emotional reasons

2. Shopping at retail stores

3. Buying new clothes and new fabric

4. Using the computer after 9:00 p.m.

5. Eating junk food more than once a day or eliminate altogether

6. Sleeping in

7. Thinking negative thoughts about others

8. Criticizing others (in my mind as well as my mouth)


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