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Bundt son

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I had just finished taking out a big batch of bread buns from the oven.  Sometimes I just shape all the cute little bread into little bun loaves.

I threw six of these little guys on a plate and delivered them to our neighbor. I walked back in the door, and Hudson says, “Mom, did you give away the buns?”

I looked over the large assortment of bread that was still left, “Yes, I did.”

“Why did you give them away?”

Perplexed and wondering what had prompted such stinginess in my son, I got defensive.

“Yes. I did give them away to Barry who is dying of cancer, and our bread is one of the only things he likes to eat!!”

Hudson takes a step back.  “BUNDT!”  “Mom, I said BUNDT, as in bundt pans.. did you give away our bundt pans? I think we have plenty of bread right here..”

Oh!!  I need to adjust my hearing aid, I think. All the kid wanted to do is make some cake, not deprive our sick neighbor of one of the few pleasures he has left in this life..

Speaking of Hudson, it was his 16th birthday yesterday.  On the big family calendar at the end of the hall, Emily wrote in large letters:


And then she promptly made and designed a birthday card for him.


Which would have taken the cake, except he got a card from his grandfather


Which reminds me of what Joanna used to call him when she was 3


And his friends call him


When he’s in the musical mode, we refer to him as


And when my hearing aid is in place and they let me out of the home, I will often call him by his correct name:


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