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Making Greek Yogurt

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Will takes my homemade yogurt to work and shares it with his friends. Some of them have been pestering him for the recipe. My idea originally comes from a spin off of the crock pot yogurt recipe, Emily @under $1,000 a month and a little ingenuity.

So, how to start.. how to start.

You need a big crock pot. How big? About this big. Something that holds 1 gallon of milk comfortably. This is the insert of mine.

So, let’s review: on for 3 hours, off for 3 hours. Are we getting this? This is hard stuff.

Now that the crock pot has been turned off for 3 hours, it should be cool enough to add your yogurt. Pick ORGANIC, PLAIN, WHOLE FAT GREEK Yogurt. Don’t be surprised that it is expensive!! $1.49 for this teeny tiny little thing here. Anyway, you should only need one of these. From that point on, you just use a little of your yogurt to make the next batch.

At this point, grab a little of the mixture and set it aside in the fridge to make your next batch.

Now, to get that really THICK consistency that most people like, you can strain the yogurt like this.

I took an old T-shirt and cut it. Attach the T-shirt to a container with some rubber bands and pour the yogurt in. The stuff that remains in the T-shirt is the thickened yogurt. The stuff that comes through is called “whey”.

Whey is, to some people, an all-purpose elixir. I haven’t not found it to be useful yet. It’s kind of gloopy and weird. Then again, I’m just a baby in these things. I just pour it down the drain.. sorry, guys!!

Getting the yogurt out of the T-shirt is kind of fun. You pour off the excess and squeeze it into a bowl, flipping the T-shirt upside down. If you like that kind of thing, it’s cool getting the stuff out.

And I feel like such a prairie woman. (in my air conditioned home)

You can add vanilla and sugar to sweeten it up. Yuuuuummmmy!

Why use the Greek yogurt? The idea of using the Greek yogurt is the only part of this recipe that I can claim as my own idea, although I have noticed others are doing the same thing. I have looked at the back of the yogurt container, and it appears (to me, at least) that there are 5 active cultures in the Greek yogurt. The overall consistency is very good, even before straining, and the end product is fabulous!!!


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