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Marching Orders

This weekend I was privileged to sit under the ministry of a man who devoted his earlier years to serving the Lord in Africa. There were many things that impressed me, but one of the things that both my husband and I talked about afterward was his ability to get so much done. He built buildings, started churches, carried supplies etc. basically by his own hands.

How did he get so much done?

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it had something to do with the exhortation he gave us somewhere in the midst of his messages:

When you get up in the morning, go to your knees and get your “marching orders” for the day. Commit to doing the Lord’s will and not your own.

So I tried it.

No great lightbulbs went on.

Maybe I should do it again.

So, then I thought: I’ll just do what I know needs to be done. So, I got up and read my Bible while snuggling with Emily. She goes from lap to lap in the morning, as we are reading our Bibles.

When that was done, I got dressed and cleaned my room. Here again, nothing special. I always pick up the bedroom, make the bed, and put things away in the morning.

And it occurred to me that we as homemakers have it kind of hard if we are looking for some specific big revelation about what to do each day. So, much of what we have to do is right there in front of us. It generally involves: kids, food, laundry, and stuff.

But what the marching orders may be is something other than a specific command about what to do or not to do, but the spirit in which to do it.

There isn’t much joy in loading the dishwasher, unless Jesus is in it.

Can I make my bed for the glory of God?

Will the ordering of my day reflect a joy in Him?

I think it can, and it should.. now that I’ve gotten my marching orders...

I am joining Nan from Moms the Word for Making my Home Sing Monday.



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