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May 3rd–National Pilates Day…

It has been a blast participating in Peak Sports National Pilates Day events.  ( That picture was their promotional, but we didn’t do anything half as hard as that!)

There were two back to back classes along with an introduction on the reformer.  

This has been such a nice form of exercise for me, since I needed a lot of strengthening after the complications of baby #5’s pregnancy, birth and post-surgery.  I was so thankful for a video that I ordered from somewhere.  I called it “20 minutes of pure pain” at the beginning.  Nevertheless, I just kept plugging along.  I was amazed at how quickly my body was recovering from all of the things it had been through the past year. 

After a year of almost daily doing videos at home, I discovered the Y.  Actually, it was just to give my kids an opportunity to take swim lessons.  Being as antsy as I am, I couldn’t help wandering around looking for things to do.

I discovered GROUP fitness that summer.  WOW! It was fun, challenging, and just what I needed.  I did step aerobics, pilates, and whatever else looked good.  Somehow in this journey, I thought it might be fun to teach classes, since I taught ballet for 9 years.. yes, I was one of those ballet people.  It took the high risk pregnancy to wake up out of my snobbishness.. (the ballet- only kind of snob)  

So, this year has been the year to conquer the goal of becoming a certified pilates instructor.  

This is where I getting my training: Balanced Body University.  It is an intensive program that requires a lot of observations, personal sessions, and teaching.  I have completed Mat 1.  It has been a very rewarding journey.  There is a lot of cross-over with the ballet training, but there’s also a lot of new things to learn also.  I was looking for a site that could show you a few exercises at home.   I’m sure you’ll want to jump down from the computer desk and starting doing the “hundred” or “rolling like a ball” right now!! (ha ha) 

Try at home site: natural health perspective.

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