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Menu plan and epiginosis..

You know I can never just give a menu without some sort of thought to go with it. So, lately I’ve been doing some heavy reading of this verse in II Peter 1:3.

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

My thoughts were stopped on the thought ” knowledge of him”. The word knowledge (epiginosis) is “knowledge, meaning clear and exact knowledge that expresses a more thorough participation in the object of knowledge on the part of the subject–the type that has a powerful influence on the person experiencing this knowledge” ( my paraphrase of Zodhiates’ The Complete Word Study New Testament)

For those of us who call ourselves Christians, we all claim to know him. Even people with no religious convictions will often say they know (of) him. This is gnosis. It’s like saying “yeah.. I know him.. He’s the guy that makes it rain..”

It would only make sense that a loving God would want us to KNOW (epigonosis) him. But he doesn’t just barge in and take over our lives. People do that, and they can even claim they are doing the business of God. But the true God is gentle and winsome. For those who want all things that pertain to life ( a full, abundant life, not just breath) and godliness (being like God), the exploration of the knowledge of Him is an endless and yet, meaningful pursuit. It’s not wrapped up in church meetings and endless discussions (although these can be important), it’s wrapped up in the times you have alone with God, specifically in His word.

We’re living in a day and age when so many people are disenchanted with the church that they even go so far as to abandon it altogether. While there are difficulties and heart aches in any group, the more we “know/ epiginosis” him, the more pleasant those interactions can be. So, let’s not forsake the gathering of ourselves together for lack of human love, let’s just seek to Know Him.

As for food this week:

Monday: clean out the fridge soup/ bread

Tuesday: moose, potatoes, veggies

Wednesday: tacos/ Mexican

Thursday: (guests over) Italian

For other menus: organizingjunkie’s MPM.

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