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Menu plan and frugality example

Hey everybody!  This is my cute Mom, Judy.  She was here for a visit a few weeks ago, and she has agreed to be a regular guest here on organized everyday.  One of Mom’s things that she does well is practical frugality.  She’s wearing a free suit and holding up a great deal that she got from the Goodwill.  

When you look at my Mom, you don’t think, “now there’s a bargain hunter”.. actually, you think just the opposite.  Mom never wears stained clothing or anything with a button missing.  Nothing gapes or hangs weird.  She looks classy, crisp and put together and great all the time.  So, let’s learn from her, girls.  

So, Mom, when you think of saving money, what do you think of?

I think about needs versus wants.  My needs are: food, clothing, shelter, transportation.  In terms of wants, I think long term.  I think of delayed gratification, instead of instant gratification.   I saved up for a sewing machine or going to Disney.

that was fun, Mom.  How do you learn to stop being impulsive?

I ask myself: do I really need it?  The answer is always going to be: NO.

Is it always: NO?

Well, it has to be a part of the plan.  My needs are as simple as: I want to wear a white T-shirt to exercise class.  I have yellow stains in the armpits of my current shirt.  So, I go to the Goodwill and find something on the half-price rack.  (picture above)  It was $1.99.  I HAD to have a white  T-shirts to go with all of my other cute exercise outfits.

Like this one?

Yes, that was another good deal.  But just because something is cheap or free does not mean you do not take care of it.  Don’t use bleach on it or scrub the floor on your hands and knees in your good free stuff.

Did you always shop at thrift stores or second hand shops?

No, you talked me into it!  When I was working, I shopped at regular stores.  Now that I’m retired, I have more time to go to the thrift stores.

So, you are into coupons, aren’t you?

Yes, coupons are an investment of time.  But I would plan my menu around the coupons and store specials.  

How much extra time does that take?

About 2 cups of coffee.  I measure time in coffee, you know.  I’m not a list writer.  If I wrote lists, that would help.

Back to shopping.. how do you keep yourself disciplined when you are out?

My car and I have a deal.  If you have no money, you don’t go.  no plastic.  

Do you ever shop retail?

coupon only.. 75% off and the senior citizen discount.

Are you REally a senior citizen?

Your mother is 63, going on 64.  Senior discounts sometimes start at 55.  

Do you remember anything from your childhood that shaped a frugal mindset?

In the year 1959, my parents were traveling a lot and my grandmother would stay with us (three children).  She could get three meals out of one chicken.  The first meal was a roast chicken.  Each child got ONE piece, a lot of potatoes and vegetables.  The second meal was from cubed chicken: chicken a la king.  And the third meal was Chicken Napoleon (made from the bony parts.. boneparte)  It was a chicken soup with dumplings.

Wow!  Thanks Mom for those great tips!  I think I’ll incriminate myself by revealing my

 not-so-frugal menu plan.  But I AM inspired.   I am on week 2 of this fabulous/ no fuss menu planning resource from eco-busters.  

Menu for the week: 

Friday: grilled burgers, fries, fruit salad

Sat: pizza

Sunday: Thai pineapple rice

Monday: Ritz chicken casserole

Tuesday: corn chowder OR clean out the fridge soup

Wednesday: chicken lasagna, fumi salad

Thursday: Southwest chicken and rice 

for more menu planning: organizing junkie’s MPM

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