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Menu plan for Aug 25-31, 2008 and is summer over?

Monday: soup from leftovers

Tuesday: pulled pork sandwiches/ fumi salad

Wednesday: spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday: chicken casserole

Friday: chili

Sat: leftovers or pasta

Sunday: not sure!!  

Wow!! What a week! The week started with a bang.  My friend, Kathy, visited with her children.  The few days she was here went WAY too FAST.  If you missed reading her thoughts on time management, you missed a good thing.  It’s a long post but worth reading! Kathy’s time management post part 1.

On Tuesday, we managed to get the wild 6 (3 of hers and 3 of mine) on their limo celebration ride.  You have to read Jo’s post for the full details.  I can give you the quick and dirty here.

This is Tony, the limo driver, a very patient man, indeed.

Than, Josiah, and Hud in the limo

Our princess Jo, who earned the treat.

Jo with “Irene” and “Grace”

It gives a whole new perspective on reading goals.  To recap, Jo read 7,696 pages and submitted her entries in the Rockford Public Library’s reading contest for young adults. She won.  She gives the full story in her post.

I had a full day between more company, DH’s parents.  We made the ultimate birthday chocolate cake over the weekend to celebrate Grandpa Jon’s 70th birthday!!  

 And Tuesday.. yes Tuesday.. school officially starts!!  I’m excited and scared all at the same time. 

What my kids are doing: (homeschool/ Hallstrom)

Robotdude: 11th grade: U.S. History, British Lit, Spanish I, Bible, gym, violin maybe calculus (with Daddy)

Jo-with-it: 9th grade: World Literature, Spanish I, Algebra 1, Art, Bible, piano, 

Hudbud: 7th grade: Language arts, history, Saxon 87, gym, cello

Than: 5th/6th grade: Language arts, history, Saxon 87, gym, cello

Emmy: preschool with mom

What I’m teaching: Write with the Best, language arts for 7-8 graders

Write your Own Book: language arts for 4-6th graders

So, goodbye summer! Happy fall.  I like this time of year even better than summer.  What’s on your menu?

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