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Menu plan for August 17-23, 2008: and GREAT NEWS

Do you see this? 

This is what I’ve been looking at all summer.  My daughter, Jo-with-it, and the top of her head buried in a book.  

It all started so innocently.  We went down to the local library to sign up for the reading contest.  (No biggy)  But then..

Then.. Jo makes it her personal ambition to outread the entire county.  I can only imagine something like law school requiring you to read 7,696 pages in a two month period. 

So, I get home from teaching at the Y and buying groceries, and she asked me, “What are we doing on this day or that day..?”  

 “I’m not sure. Check the calendar.  Why?”

“Because I have to schedule my limo ride..”

“What?!!”  “You won?!!”  “WOOO HOOOO!!!”

“They called while you were out”

“Aren’t you excited?!! “

Calm, cool and collected.. 

“I already did my happy dance”

HEY world!!  I have the smartest daughter on the planet!!!

I got on the phone and called a bunch of people and threatened to call the news station.  

My daughter won the limo ride, pizza and movie contest.  

Now, whenever I get around people, she hides from me.. embarrassed.  

Now, she’s going to break the news to her best buddy tomorrow.  She gets to bring 5 people on the limo outing.  

These are a few of the lucky ones. 

These two will be going also, plus two others that I don’t have pictures yet.  My buddy, Kathy, and I will be driving behind them taking pictures and videos–like a real paparazzi.   So, stay tuned.  This is BIG in the life the O.M.  We’ll be doing full-fledged interviews, videos, photos..   (O.K.  maybe not quite that, but it will still be special!) 

Menu Planning for this week:

Monday: Runza buns (for kids)/ smoked salmon salad for adults

Tuesday: Eat out at Pizza Hut

Wednesday: Italian

Thursday: Leftover soup

Friday: Italian beef on buns/ salad/ veggies

Sat: beans and rice

Sunday: chicken casserole and brown rice

If you only read my blog once a week, I can tell you that I worked hard on this post:

organizing for the high brow types.  Hope you like it.

#familynews #menuplanning

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