• Jena

Menu Plan March 31- April 6, 2008

Monday: spaghetti and meatballs+ salad

Tuesday:whole pea soup + corn muffins

Wednesday: porkchops with brown rice/ veggies

Thursday: Chicken chili blanco

Friday: Kabobs (beef)

Saturday: Mexican chicken

Sunday: Taco salad

Looks like a yummy week, eh?  

How to make pea soup like my mother makes it.

First get a bag of dried whole peas–not the split ones.  Then grab a meaty ham bone out of your freezer from the last time you had ham.  Cut up an onion.  Place cold water over the peas and onion and hambone.  Simmer for a long time.  Add some salt and pepper.  Yummy.  

Don’t have a ham bone?  Schedule ham for your menu next week, and then you’ll have a hambone.  For more precise directions, read the back of the bag.  Pennies.  a meal for pennies.. gotta love it.  


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