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Menu Plan Monday and family happenings

My Mom is visiting us for the week.  We are having a great time.  So, I’m not entirely sure what we are eating when, so I’ll just list some possible recipes that I think we’re having.

Moose stew

clean-out-the fridge soup

chicken nuggets

turkey chili 



This week we had some visitors: Steve and Nancy. They do a lot of traveling to international places, so they were telling us all about their adventures. It was very interesting.  

 Steve is really into photography, so he was coaching Jo how to take a good picture here.  I think she did a pretty good job. 

They travel all around with their two doggies: Jack and Ben (Ebenezer) 

Here is how they travel around: a fully equipped van.  If they need to, they sleep in the van with the dogs.  It’s a really cool set-up.   

Well, I guess I better stop goofing around and finish my lesson planning for the week. Hey, I’ve found a helper!  She’s a chip off the old blog.. blop.. block.


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