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Menu Plan Monday and our family picture adventure

Monday: fettucini alfredo with scallops

Tuesday: Meatloaf, baked potatoes,  brussel sprouts

Wednesday: lasagna, artisan bread, salad with croutons

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: frozen pizzas

Sat: chicken pot pie

Sun: meal with Bear: moose and polenta

(This menu plan graciously planned for you by: Hudbud,  visit him at Hudbud and Hats.)

One of our yearly family rituals is called: taking the family photo in the autumn luster, or some such nonsense.  This is how this goes.

First, we attempt to set a basic color-coded wardrobe plan. Everyone had to wear: red, orange or black with denim bottoms.  I don’t specify what they wear exactly; I just let them find their own style.  

Then, we begin the long, drawn-out search for the perfect backdrop.  This year we ended up at Anna Page park.

Then, we have to set up the tripod with the camera attached and plead with our standers to stand still long enough to frame it up.  This is the hardest part.   Loving commands like, “Stop slouching!” “shoulders back and down” “weight evenly distributed on two feet!” are graciously offered by their parents.  ( I felt like I should start the pilates push-up sequence next)

These photos are rough.  We put the fill flash on, which was not really a good idea.  

This shot was pretty good.

Left to right: Hudbud, Jo-with-it, (holding Princess E), Robotdude, and Than.  

Since this is an “every year” ritual, we decided to add a cook-out experience to the event.  We were hoping this would also count as a “camping trip”, since we really didn’t do that this year either..LOL  We picked a “camp site” near a play area.  This made SOMEONE happy.

The sun was quickly setting..

Dear ole Dad managed to get the charcoal lit, but the sun was quickly descending..

Who cares if it’s totally dark by the time we had to eat?

Somehow the food was just as good in the dark..

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