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Menu Plan Monday and Time Management Talk..

So, I went to the Promise of Life Temple and joined two others to talk about time management. One of the speakers, Jennifer, is a working mother with two little boys.  She really has to be organized and up early.  The other speaker works 10 hour days, six days a week.  And then there was me. .. little, unimpressive.. me. 

 Brenda, our moderator, asked for each of us to tell about a typical day.  I decided to do a skit.  (no, it wasn’t taped)..  but it was a little fun (even for me) to jump from activity to activity so quickly–in full color.  

I also made a few worksheets and talked about them.  But basically, I also had to admit that: balancing all of this is sometimes hard.  There will never be enough time to pursue everything and every relationship to its full extent on earth.  I keep trying, but it is such a struggle.  I love everything I do: from being a wife and mother (certainly my MAIN calling and MOST important), and I also love everything else too: teaching pilates, teaching English classes to other homeschooled children, crafts, organizing, visiting the elderly, having guests over, and.. blogging.   So, one of the questions they asked us about was: balance.  How do you balance church and work and family?  

One of the panelists commented that church time was also family time, since they do it together as a family.  There were lively discussions about what it means to spend quality time with someone.  One gal asked if her husband asking her to fry him some bacon is quality time.  The lively discussion that followed made me feel like I was Oprah.   

This is how I answered.  My life’s priorities are around relationships. There are only two things we can take to heaven with us: the word of God and the souls of men.  With that in  mind, how should we then live? 

At the end of discussion involving the three amateurs (us), Alma, an elderly sister, spoke about how she keeps her life in balance.  Wow!  I am going to go to her house and sit at her feet and learn.  What a godly woman!  Basically, she talked about choices.  She has made a lot of good choices!  She chooses not to have Toxic relationships.  She chooses not to procrastinate.  She chooses to spend time with the Lord Jesus, and a lot of really great things.  But one thing I really took away from her talk, was her mention of a “sanctuary”.  

She has this special place in her home that is called a “sanctuary”.  She says no negative things can be said there.  Things are peaceful and calm and joyful there.  I was instantly intrigued.  Now, I know that I NEED to go there and learn about this sanctuary thing more!  I’m on a mission, ladies.  I am going to figure this thing out and report back.  The Lord knows, we ALL need a sanctuary!  

About the photos: Jo-snapper took these from a visit to that great picturesque place in Rockford: The Anderson Gardens.  (I love that place–that might just be my theme for my own sanctuary?… hhhmmmm… need to think on that one a little bit) 

Well, I was sooooo encouraged by an email from my non-blogging buddy, Kristen, that she actually made the pumpkin donuts from last week’s post, and she said they were 1. not as hard as she thought and 2. very good.  So there!!  I was most encouraged that one of my “winging it” recipes actually transcending into a reality for someone else.  (there is hope!)  

Monday: make bread and shepherd’s pie

Tuesday: Italian

Wednesday: clean out fridge soup

Thursday: moose stew 

Friday: eat out?

Saturday: Mexican or beans and rice.

check out more menu ideas at: organizing junkie’s MPM.

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