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Menu Plan Monday.. July 7-12, 2008 and we’re home!

Here are some photos of the Lake Cottage in Minnesota. 

Looking up at the trees..

Than-the-man with his buddy, Josiah in the hammock.  Could be brothers?

Look at the cottage!

catching the wake of the boat..

Grandma and the kids..

O.K. that was a little bit of the Minnesota fun,  spent with DH’s family at the cottage.  Yes, I did transport 7 kids by myself.. (the kids brought 2 friends: Kara and Josiah in the center front)

We got home last week and made a quick turnaround to go up north to visit my family in the U.P. of Michigan.  

So, now that we’re home, how to I manage to get cleaned up from 2 trips? not very easily.  

Let’s just say that it is 1:00 p.m. and we’re just cleaning up from breakfast, only have the second load of laundry in, and have just now managed to clear a path through the livingroom.  The suitcases and sleeping bags ARE put away, and I’m starting to get ready to think about dinner and shopping for groceries.  Whew! I think we were all just EXHAUSTED and only wanted to sleep.  

Menu Plan:

Today (Monday): Teriyaki turkey, rice, stir fried broccoli.

Tuesday: Taco salads

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs, bread, salad

Thursday: grilled chicken, fresh veggies, pasta

Friday: soup from leftovers

Saturday: ham/ potatoes/ caesar salad

Sunday: bean or pea soup

for more great ideas: organizing junkie MPM.

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