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Menu plan .. not so healthy mommy

So I unwrapped my Taco Bell burrito supreme and started chowing it down.  The other moms at the table looked at me and stared.  

“We didn’t know you ate that kind of stuff?”

Me: “What, this?  It’s good and cheap!”

“Well, we just thought you were into healthy..

Me: When I’m at home, I try to do healthy.  When I’m out, it’s about cheap (and fast).  

At that point, I should have conjured up a big burp, if I were the big burping type, which I’m not.  

So, now you know.  I’m a burping burrito kind of not-so-healthy mom wanna-be.  What is the world coming to?  

That was last Tuesday, our last day of Hallstrom and our last day of school.  There was so much sugar and junk food there on that day that we’re still flying.. and crashing from it. 

So, this Tuesday I’ll be sitting here at home, just wondering what to do with all of my free time.  I’ll probably have to start a committee or club or a non-profit organization with all of my extra time.  What I really should do is start a support group: the obsessive compulsive joiners and starters… for people who have no idea what to do with five minutes of unscheduled time… really.  

O.K. so I really am not going to be sitting at home, I’ll be subbing pilates on Tuesday, so I really won’t be so frantic about not having enough to do.  I’ll just be trying to find ways to get my “six pack abs” so show up underneath that muffin top they’re hiding under. I’m buff.. really.  It’s just all warm and protected under the snuggle layer… Oh, the joys of being a middle-aged mommy in this snuggle pack.. 

So, back to the ranch… what are we having for dinner this week?  

Friday: fajitas

Saturday: shepherd’s pie

Sunday: butter chicken/ brown rice (Indian)

Monday: chicken packets

Tuesday: chili con carne

Wednesday: swamp dish

Thursday: Italian beef and polenta

For more menus: organizing junkie’s MPM.


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