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Menu Planning for July 28-Aug. 3, 2008 and public speaking adventures..

Here we are again–another week of exciting menu planning.  

Monday: leftover beans and rice made into burritos

Tuesday: frozen chicken on the grill/ veggies/ potatoes

Wednesday: moose du jour (not sure)

Thursday: Italian

Friday: my signature casserole (recipe to be posted soon)

Saturday: leftovers

Last week, I posted about making frozen chicken on the grill.  I understand most people would rather thaw the chicken first, but it works well if you just put it on the hot grill frozen. Complete directions: here.  Use boneless chicken for the grilling. 

I just got home from my first public speaking “gig” about organizing.  It was a blast! I spoke at a church called “Promise of Life” and talked about the Lord, organizing and fitness–all in one hour.  The ladies were all snappy looking in their white outfits and hats.  Everybody said, “Amen! and Praise the Lord!” right out loud.  Now, that’s feedback! It’s probably better than actually getting comments in my comment section, although that is really great also! (hint, hint)

One of the activities I did was demonstrate how to organize a drawer.  I asked one of the leaders to bring in a drawer from home.  We went through some organizing principles and actually organized her drawer right there on the spot.  I donated all the cute little bins and sorter things I found at my garage sales to her new “drawer”.  There was positive feedback from the group, so it went well! (thank you for praying)  I made several fill-in-the-blank type of handouts to go with the talk.  I even drew some rough sketches to go with the handouts.  

Good-bye cute little sorter things, I hope you like your new home.  

What’s this? The tail end of our family’s favorite food: blueberry buffalo.  Posting recipe later.  

Big day! Check out more great menus, at the organizing junkie’s MPM


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