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Monday madness..

So, here we are–back at the Rockford ranch, after a quick trip to Lansing, MI. Our Canadian relatives met us at a half way point. We stayed in a nice hotel with a pool and enjoyed some restaurants and swimming with the kids.

Have you ever noticed that memories are encapsulated in different ways? Some people just look at a picture, and it brings back a flood of memories for them. Others, hear a song or smell a scent.. but for me… can you guess? It’s funny things people say. It’s like they are permanently engrained in my memory system, and all I have to do is hear something close to the expression, and all the memories start coming back.

So, I am going to combine relaying a few of the memories of this past week with things that others have said. You tell me, is it just me, or are these Seinfeld-worthy???

This one actually happened before I left for the trip. On Thursday night, Jamie had a home interview with an Air Force recruiter that was for the parents. So, the interview is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. At 6:00 p.m., Jamie was getting nervous. There was no sign of Mom or Dad. Thankfully Grandma was still visiting and had the house picked up etc. I was taking a rest and was getting up and getting in the shower. Dad was on his way home. Grandma was trying to reassure Jamie that Mom would be up and ready. He said, “Yeah, I know she’ll be up, but she’ll look like a hedgehog!”

(Hence, the need for a shower! I know my hedgehog tendencies better than anyone. Surprisingly, the interview went well, and both of us showed up with hair in place!)

This next story is going to sound like I’m making fun of my mother. If you knew my Mom, you’d know that she can laugh at herself prettily easily, and this is just the sort of thing she will find funny down the road. But for the moment… she’s still recovering.

So, we’re driving home from Lansing, and it was a Saturday late afternoon/ early evening–not exactly rush hour. Nevertheless, in Chicago, traffic slows down in the city no matter when you go through. I was trying to get her to let me drive, but she was gripping that wheel, and I could tell she was not enjoying this experience. So, rather than complain, she says, “Your father would not like this traffic.”

Me: “Oh, really? What would he think of it?”

Mom: “His shoulder would be twitching constantly. I just couldn’t bear to watch him with that twitching shoulder..”

Me: “Is the traffic that bad? Do you think it would make him nervous?”

Mom: “It’s awful. This traffic is just awful.”

Me: “So, Dad would not like it? But, you are O.K. with it then?”

Mom: “Oh, I’m fine!” (Kids in the backseat and I exchange smiles)

Me: “Well, so am I. Why don’t you let me drive then? When the cars stop, I’ll just get out, and we’ll switch drivers!”

Mom: “No way. Everyone is so impatient, and they’ve all been drinking! They are driving crazy!”

Me: ” Well, I doubt everyone has been drinking…”

I’m so glad that Dad is at deer camp rather than driving in this traffic that would have made him nervous. I’m also so glad that Mom is as cool as a cucumber under the 4:30, Saturday evening traffic of Chicago. Now that we’ve got that straight, I think I’ll be driving next time. It’s just too hard watching her shoulder twitch…

Makes my Home Sing! to laugh at these things! hosted by Moms the Word.

Menu planning Monday:

Monday: Cream of whatever soup/ homemade bread

Tuesday: pasta+ sauce (for lunches) and swamp dish for dinner

Wednesday: Calico beans

Thursday: chicken casserole (frozen) in crockpot

Friday: clean out the fridge soup

For snacks: hummus (I use dried beans, which I cook in a pressure cooker and one real jalapeno pepper, diced.

And I’ve also got yogurt brewing in the crockpot.

For more great menus, visit organizing junkie’s MPM


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