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Monday menus and such..

So, I survived my crazy weekend.  We got HIM to the ACT test.  Chances are, he did fine, since he does pretty well at most things. I, on the other hand, took a little longer than the length of the test to actually fully recover.  But don’t feel too bad for my “what-if-my-kids-turn-out-as-dumb-as-me?” anxiety.  I hear it’s normal among homeschoolers. There’s nothing we can do about it until they prove they are really Einsteinish, and then (in my case), I’ll be excessively thankful that half of my children’s DNA actually came from a mensa scholar.

Well, just because I can’t score well on tests DOES NOT mean that I can’t score well on great deals, like this one. 

If I had to squash my personality into a jacket, this would be it. 

 I saw it. I cornered it. I conquered it.

all for $6.99.  

Now, the sweater I got for my Mom was an even better deal.  It was only $1.00.

She loved it all the same.  Here we are together, right before Mom and Dad left for Barbados.  Incidentally, she’s did  NOT bring the sweater with her.  She’s probably roughing right now.  I can see her now sitting by the poolside, sipping a little fruit juice slushie.  Speaking of slushie, it’s probably high time I gave you a menu or something.

First I have to share a recipe.  Well, “recipe” might be exaggerating.  I guess it should be rightfully called a “discovery”.

The Best and easiest vegetable soup in town.

1. Saute vegetables in a little bit of butter.  Add salt to taste.

(sweet red peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, cauliflower, snap peas) 

2. Buy some of this in the health food aisle.  It is SOOOO good.  I got it for $2.50 at Woodmans.

3. Add all of those yummy veggies (and cooked chicken if desired) into a sauce pan.  Poor enough of this cashew carrot ginger soup over it to cover the mixture.

4. Heat and serve.  Wow!!!  Taste explosion! VERY chock full of veggies!! You could garnish with nuts also.

The ginger gives it an Asian feel, but it’s not spicy at all.  

Monday: clean out the fridge soup.

Tuesday: beans and rice

Wednesday: Italian

Thursday: pasta/ veggie dish

Friday: moose stroganoff

Check back tomorrow for a thrifty idea that will knock your socks off–literally.

For more menus, go to organizing junkie’s.

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